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Dear School Families,

This message is to clarify our protocols for parents and visitors.  One of our primary goals is to ensure a safe and distraction free learning environment for all of our students.  To do this, we need to limit visitors to the building and ensure that everyone signs in.  Please help us by following these protocols every day:

During arrival:  Parents must sign into the building if they need to briefly stop by a classroom to provide supplies or a quick message before 8:40. We do encourage all students to walk to class independently (guided by staff or siblings if needed) so they know we are confident in their ability to handle this responsibility.  Feel free to ask staff out front if you need support in having your child escorted from the car to the doors.  

During dismissal:  Parents may not come into the building after 3:10 (Wednesdays: 12:45) unless they have an appointment.  We need to focus on a safe and efficient dismissal process. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve this process.

During morning and afternoon dismissal:  We have student safeties helping to bring students (who haven't responded to their numbers) to the doors for dismissal.  Please be sure there is a clear path out front for students to exit.  Be sure to stay with your car so we can keep the flow of traffic moving.  Do not park in the carpool lane or drop off/pick up in the driving lane - this creates a very dangerous situation for our students.  Ms. Allison and staff will continue to monitor and remind families to ensure a safe and smooth process.  Department of transportation will also be monitoring and issuing tickets. 

During the school day:  Now that classrooms are settling into a routine, parents are welcome to schedule a time with their child's guide to observe in class beginning Oct. 14th or to volunteer in the classroom.  This needs to be done by scheduling a time with your child's guide so we can be sure that guides are 100% focused on supporting the children's academic and social-emotional needs.  Observations are typically no more than an hour.  Volunteers must have a background check.  Please see Ms. JB in the office if you need a background check.  All visitors, including parents and volunteers, must sign in at the office and have an appointment.  To ensure a safe and distraction free learning environment, we cannot have unescorted visitors walking around the school building.

For concerns or questions:  If you have a concern or question about your child, please email your child's guide to share your concern/question and ask for more information.  We encourage parents to arrange a phone call or conference to discuss concerns in more detail so we can be sure any problems are resolved in a thoughtful manner.  Feel free to reach out to Kerry-Ann or Allison for unresolved concerns or questions regarding daily operations and safety protocols.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We look forward to working in partnership with families and continuing to have a wonderful school year!

Best Regards,

Allison Shecter, Founder and DirectorBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School #336
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